Necedah National Wildlife Refuge

Located near Necedah, Wisconsin -- just a little southwest of the center of the state.

It is an approximately 90 mile drive from Madison, Wisconsin.


The refuge is probably most famous as host to the endangered Whooping Cranes.

In the summer of 2005, they had approximately 50 adults and 25 yearlings on the refuge.

There are only about 500 Whooping Cranes on the entire North American continent.


The photos on this page were taken on October 16 & 17th, 2005 when special

access was permitted to some of the refuge's interior trails and auto tour routes.


Swans with Canada Geese in the background.


2 Whooping Cranes


Whooping Crane with Sandhill Cranes flying by.


Whooping Crane with colorful leg bands.

This photo was taken on a sunny, windy day.

A Canon Powershot A60 digital camera (2 megapixel with 3X optical

magnification) was coupled with a Bushnell 20-60X telescope.


2 pair of Whooping Cranes

(There is yet another adult Whooping Crane off to the right, but out of the picture.)


1 of the 2 pairs take flight.


Note that an adult's wing span exceeds the width of most cars.


2 Sandhill Cranes


Sandhill Crane adults and yearling are kept company by the Canada Geese.


Wolves are at their southern-most range in Wisconsin in the refuge.


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